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Leverage Connected HubSpot Data for Better Marketing Analytics

The Hubspot integration for Vertify RevOptics provides you with the most powerful way to track and manage the impact of all of your marketing efforts to bottom-line revenue. Visualize revenue generated from campaigns, granular level activities and strategies, while forming a better understanding of top-performing campaigns. RevOptics grants you the ability to break down sales and marketing data from any CRM combined with Hubspot Marketing Automation, and even diagnoses underlying data issues while providing actual insights. Connecting your Hubspot instance to RevOptics analytics and dashboards give you the easiest way to defend your marketing spend.

The Benefits of Vertify RevOptics Marketing Analytics and Hubspot

By connecting Hubspot with RevOptics, you can unlock the edge needed to reduce time to revenue and grow your business faster:

  • Defend your spend: The historical nature of marketing creates a greater sense of urgency for marketers to defend their spend. See the insights needed to make data-driven decisions on a campaign or activity level basis. Get clarity on what’s actually working vs. what’s not working.
  • Evaluate marketing metrics that matter in real-time: Rather than taking hours, days, or weeks, to pull reports together of metrics that don’t ultimately move the meter, automate the integration of Hubspot into RevOptics to track KPIs that actually matter to the bottom line. See how Marketing is doing within the context of the entire Revenue Team and how campaigns are performing in real-time to make well-informed decisions.
  • Optimize the buyer’s journey: Get insight into the common steps a buyer takes that actually leads to revenue through visualizations and benchmarking. See data on your offerings that resonate with buyers at different stages of the customer lifecycle that impact sales, support and customer success.
  • Easily share data with the rest of the Revenue team: Align sales and marketing to create a common understanding of data throughout the organization.  You’ll be reporting and sharing combined not siloed data so everyone is on the same page.

Get Started with Vertify RevOptics for HubSpot Today

  • Easy to get started; no technical headcount needed.
  • Plug-and-play!
  • Vertify has been quick to market on getting HubSpot API updates sooner than any other 3rd party analytics vendor!