TPH Uses Vertify

TPH Transformed their e-Commerce Operations with Vertify

TPH, a Canadian-owned family business in the commercial printing space, faced a significant challenge with data silos affecting their e-commerce processes. Seeking a solution, they turned to Vertify, and the results were transformative. TPH operated with Magento as their e-commerce platform, but they struggled with siloed data, hindering the seamless flow of information between various stages of the order lifecycle. Recognizing the need for integration, TPH approached Vertify to bridge the gap between Magento and their Marketing Automation Platform, Marketo Engage.

The Solution: Vertify’s Integration Magic

Vertify provided a comprehensive solution by establishing a connection between TPH’s Magento and Marketo Engage applications via each of the systems’ REST APIs. This integration became the key to unlocking a cascade of improvements in TPH’s e-commerce processes.

Abandoned Cart Automation: When users added items to a cart in Magento but didn’t complete their purchase, Vertify automatically sent this data to Marketo so the user could be added to an outreach campaign. This outreach prompted users to log back into their account to complete their purchase and included a list of items they had left in their cart.

Sales Order Processing: When users submitted a sales order via Magento, Vertify seamlessly synced this data with Marketo. For new orders, Vertify not only created a new order in Marketo but also intelligently tied it to the relevant customer record. If the customer already existed, the order was linked accordingly; if not, Vertify efficiently generated a new customer profile. This enabled TPH to send automated order communications and notifications out of Marketo, as well as add customers to relevant upsell and cross-sell campaigns based on purchase history.

Data Inclusion and Accuracy: The abandoned cart and order information transmitted to Marketo via Vertify included all essential information, such as line items, shipping details, discount information, order number, and order date. This ensured that data accuracy was maintained throughout the process, contributing to a more reliable and efficient e-commerce experience.

The Results: Operational Excellence and Customer Satisfaction

The impact of Vertify’s integration was immediate and profound for TPH. The seamless flow of data between Magento and Marketo eliminated the data silos that had previously plagued their e-commerce operations. This not only enhanced the speed of order confirmation and processing but also significantly reduced the chances of errors, leading to a more reliable and customer-friendly experience.

Furthermore, the automated abandoned cart communications led to more completed orders, and thus more revenue for the company. Vertify’s tailored integration solution not only resolved TPH’s data silo problem but also elevated their e-commerce processes to new heights. By seamlessly connecting Magento and Marketo, TPH achieved operational excellence, ensuring that their customers receive fast, accurate, and reliable service throughout the entire order lifecycle.

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For 62 years, TPH has been a Canadian-owned family business operating 65 retail production centres in British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario & Nova Scotia. They turn concepts & designs into custom branded things. For work. For home. For you. If you are looking for a service like theirs, check them out.