Unlocking Business Success: The Value of Connecting Snowflake to Systems like Marketo Engage and Salesloft

By Matt Klepac, Vertify CEO & Founder

Ask yourself this: has data become the lifeblood of your organization? It’s the key to understanding customer behavior, improving operational efficiency, and driving growth. After all, this is why I got into the data business in the first place. The complexities and the need were too great for me to not at least try to build some efficiencies around. 

Two essential components of this data-driven ecosystem are Snowflake, a powerful data warehousing platform, and marketing and sales automation systems like Marketo Engage and Salesloft. For the context of this article, we’ll explore why connecting Snowflake to systems like Marketo and Salesloft is invaluable for businesses aiming to stay competitive and ultimately thrive.

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The Power of Snowflake

Before diving into the value of connecting Snowflake to systems like Marketo and Salesloft, let’s briefly highlight the significance of Snowflake as a data platform.

Snowflake is a cloud-based data warehousing solution that offers scalability, performance, and ease of use. It allows organizations to store, analyze, and manage vast amounts of data securely and efficiently. Snowflake’s ability to handle diverse data types, along with its scalability, makes it a valuable asset for businesses of all sizes. 

Here at Vertify, we are seeing a growing market presence of Snowflake within both mid market and enterprise companies. Snowflake is doing a lot of things right, not the least of which is supplying a much needed answer to a complex challenge. 

The Significance of Marketing and Sales Automation

On the other side of the spectrum, we have Marketo Engage and Salesloft, two leading platforms in marketing and sales automation.

  • Adobe Marketo Engage: Marketo is a marketing automation platform that enables organizations to manage and nurture leads, automate marketing campaigns, and measure the effectiveness of their efforts. It collects a wealth of data related to customer interactions, enabling marketers to make data-driven decisions. Here at Vertify, we have been working in partnership with Adobe for over 9 years. Needless to say, we believe greatly in the power of the application, their vision, and their people. 
  • Salesloft: Salesloft is a sales engagement platform that assists sales teams in automating and optimizing their outreach efforts. It provides valuable insights into prospect engagement, streamlines sales processes, and increases sales productivity. Once again, we are partners with Salesloft and we view them as the emerging leader in Sales Enablement. 

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Now, let’s explore why connecting Snowflake to systems like Marketo and Salesloft is so valuable:

1. Unified Data Ecosystem

At this point, we have all heard and likely started to prioritize breaking down data silos. Connecting Snowflake to Marketo and Salesloft creates a unified data ecosystem where critical information flows seamlessly between systems. Integration eliminates data silos, ensuring that marketing, sales, and other revenue teams all have access to the same accurate and up-to-date data. This unification enhances collaboration, data consistency, and decision-making across the organization.

2. Real-time Insights

I know I am preaching to the choir here when I say timely insights are crucial. As the CEO of a growth oriented business, if I do not have the insights I need to help make data driven decisions, I am failing myself, my team, and my company. It is a necessity, not a luxury, if you want to compete in the market and for customers’ eyeballs. 

By connecting Snowflake to Marketo and Salesloft, you enable real-time data synchronization. Marketers can access the most recent and comprehensive customer interaction data, allowing them to make quick adjustments to their campaigns for maximum impact. Sales teams can identify prospect engagement patterns and adjust their outreach strategies accordingly. Real-time insights are the key to personalization. 

And, as we all know, personalization is king in today’s crowded commercial environment. 

3. Personalization and Customer Engagement

Speaking of personalization…Personalization is a cornerstone of successful marketing and sales efforts. With Snowflake’s robust data warehousing capabilities, coupled with the insights from Marketo and Salesloft, businesses can create highly personalized marketing campaigns and sales interactions. But, this can only happen if data is seamlessly flowing between all of these tools. And, the data that is flowing must be up to date. Tailored content and outreach not only increases engagement but also improves customer satisfaction.

4. Streamlined Workflows

Integration between Snowflake and systems like Marketo and Salesloft streamlines business processes and reduces manual data entry and redundant tasks. This automation frees up valuable time for marketing and sales professionals to focus on strategic activities, such as crafting better messaging or nurturing high-potential leads.

Additionally, the integration can enable automation workflows that otherwise wouldn’t be feasible. For example, maybe you want to create a campaign in Marketo that showcases related products or services based on prior purchase history trends stored in Snowflake. Or, maybe you want to launch a highly targeted win-back effort in Salesloft to get former customers to re-engage with your business, but all of their previous account history and insights are stored in Snowflake. Integration makes these workflows possible and more. 

5. Improved ROI Tracking

Marketing and sales teams need to measure the return on investment (ROI) of their efforts accurately. There is a serious cost of inaction if you are not measuring this ROI. When Snowflake is connected to Marketo and Salesloft, data on campaign performance, lead conversions, sales activities, and sales outcomes are readily available for analysis. This transparency allows organizations to refine their strategies and allocate resources more effectively.

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Putting a Bow on it!

Connecting Snowflake to systems like Marketo and Salesloft is a game-changer for businesses. It unlocks the full potential of your data, enabling real-time insights, streamlined workflows, and personalized customer engagement. This integration isn’t just valuable; it’s essential for organizations looking to thrive in today’s data-driven world.

To stay competitive and meet customer expectations, consider harnessing the power of Snowflake’s data warehousing capabilities alongside the automation and insights provided by Marketo and Salesloft. The result? A data-driven powerhouse that supercharges growth, efficiency, and success in a highly competitive business environment.

At Vertify, we provide data integration ecosystems built to help your tools and employees speak to each other with straightforward data and a focus on performance. Click here to schedule a demo to see how better data integration can transform your organization.