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Vertify’s TruthTV series covers everything from revenue optimization to building a customer-centric culture, so that you can be the best in your field. Delve into rapid chats with our CEO, Matt Klepac, learn from Vertify TruthTV experts from a diverse set of companies, or hear what the Vertify team has to say about our platform, partners, and company!

Martech Matters: The Data Advantage

Brandon Schulte and Ed Underberg from Zirus, Inc. sit down with…

Revenue with Sam Jacobs

Revenue with Sam Jacobs

Rapid Chat: Generating revenue should be a team sport…

TruthTV: From Opera to the C-Suite

From Opera to the C-Suite

Matt Klepac talks about taking the leap to launch Vertify…

TruthTV: How Regulation Drives Innovation

How Regulation Drives Innovation

Rapid Chat: Learn from Kevin Kiley, CRO of OneTrust..

TruthTV: The Vertify Vision Discussed

The Vertify Vision Discussed

Learn about the Vertify vision and what makes us tick..

TruthTV: Customer Centric Culture

Customer-Centric Culture

Learn why Vertify is focused on the customer…

TruthTV: People Behind the Product

People Behind the Product

Learn more about the people that build our product…

Buyers Journey with Vinay Bhagat

Rapid Chat: today’s customer journey & how it shapes initiatives…

Industry Data Veteran

Rapid Chat: Why the time is now to partner with companies like Vertify…

Revenue Ops Intelligence

What is revenue operations intelligence? Check this out…

What is Vertify, the Platform

Take 1 minute to see what Vertify is and how it can help you…

HubSpot & Vertify Working Together

learn how Vertify helps you get the most out of HubSpot…

Learn from Heath Butler

Goal Deployment & Accelerating Business Growth…

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