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Faster Time to Revenue Means Ditching the Spreadsheet

We know that the average marketer spends 40% of their day collecting and analyzing marketing data from a variety of sources to ultimately organize and build fundamental reports. These are backbreaking and formidable tasks that are further complicated by siloed information. And after all the effort, the results are oftentimes questioned due to human involvement…

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How Regulation Drives Innovation

OneTrust = 48,000% Growth “Let’s all find a way to understand and deliver marketing that is more efficient and more valuable at every step of the customer journey.”-Kevin Kiley, Chief Revenue Officer at OneTrust We talked to Kevin about: Secrets to 48,000% growth in 3 years. Building a Revenue team to match that growth. Attitudes…

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Generating Revenue is a Team Sport

It’s not just on marketing or sales or customer success; we all have to work as a true revenue team to “turn demand into money”. In our discussion with Sam, we talk: – How to define alignment and incentives to encourage the synergy of a true revenue team – The challenges of attribution and ‘where…

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Rapid Chat: The Buyers Journey is Changing

Are you where your target audience is? We’re joined by TrustRadius CEO & Founder, Vinay Bhagat to talk about today’s customer journey and how it shapes company initiatives… – Consumers seek truth and transparency – Companies have to work to be more client centric – From customer reviews to product roadmap “So much of the buyer’s…

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Rapid Chat: Vertify Attracts New Board Member

We’re speaking with the newest member of the Vertify Board of Directors, Devon Wijesinghe, to talk about how the market is changing and where data will be best utilized in technology. From the press release ‘Vertify Welcomes Accomplished Tech Founder and Entrepreneur to Board of Directors‘: “We are excited to welcome Devon to our board…

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Strategic Goals and Business Growth

“You have to make sure the business strategy of the organization is aligned with the value proposition of the product and the people side of the business…” – Heath Butler, Network Partner at Mercury Fund Vertify believes it’s really powerful to understand how every piece of the business, every person on the team, contributes to…

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Your data, where you need it

Building meaningful data connections between marketing and revenue is a decades old hurdle that companies have been facing. With marketing ops pros, we hear this all the time…”How do we get the data where we need it?” So let’s dive in and discuss! In this rapid chat, we are talking about data integration with Matt…

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Aligning Marketing and Sales to Build a Modern Revenue Team

Derek Grant, SVP of Commercial Sales at SalesLoft, joins our rapid chat series to talk about the importance of marketing and sales alignment, how to march toward the same revenue goals, and how to build a modern sales organization. Need the tools to support your revenue team? Let’s talk about how Vertify connects data, teams,…

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How is Buyer Behavior Changing In Today’s Market?

It’s a unique time and we’re all preparing for the challenges the rest of the year will bring. In today’s discussion, we chat with Matt Klepac, CEO of Vertify in Austin, TX, about buyer sentiment and the differences we are seeing in how our target buyer – marketing and revenue operations – is spending their…

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