generating revenue is a team spo

Generating Revenue is a Team Sport

It’s not just on marketing or sales or customer success; we all have to work as a true revenue team to “turn demand into money”.

In our discussion with Sam, we talk:

– How to define alignment and incentives to encourage the synergy of a true revenue team

– The challenges of attribution and ‘where does the BDR sit?’

– Business measurements related to business outcomes

“It’s the combined efforts of marketing, sales, and customer success that actually generate revenue growth. The sales team turns demand into money – the sales team doesn’t generate demand. And so you need alignment across the function of both generating awareness and interest…and then turning that demand into money. And that is the sales, marketing, customer success journey. I think looking at it holistically helps companies plan for the longterm and better execute their strategy.”

Sam Jacobs, Founder of Revenue Collective and host of the Sales Hacker Podcast (linkedin)

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