Streamline Your Recruiting Strategy With Data Integration

With eleven distinct brands, each with their own unique sales processes and rules of engagement, Soliant Health knew they had to streamline their recruiting strategy across their organization. They had already adopted Bullhorn as their CRM, leveraging its capabilities to manage candidates, leads, and contacts. Meanwhile, the allure of Salesloft’s robust sales engagement features was hard to ignore. The challenge was evident – how to seamlessly integrate the power of Salesloft’s cadences and automation with Bullhorn’s data repository, without disrupting the intricate processes that defined each brand.

Vertify Integration is the answer

Enter Vertify! In order for Soliant to get the most out of their Salesloft investment, they needed to automate the flow and cleansing of lead, candidate, and contact data from Bullhorn. Vertify’s ability to be the central data hub across multiple brands, along with their annual subscription and rapid no code time to value, provided welcome relief and a line of sight to reach Soliant’s recruitment alignment goals.

How it works

The magic began with a simple yet ingenious process. Recruiters would curate their focused list of candidates, leads, and contacts within Bullhorn, organizing them into tearsheets. These tearsheets served as the starting point for a journey that would transform Soliant’s engagement strategy.

Vertify stepped in to effortlessly transfer these curated records from the Bullhorn tearsheets to Salesloft. Recruiters could then add their assigned records to cadences within Salesloft, enabling personalized and automated marketing and recruitment emails. This dynamic approach ensured that every engagement felt tailor-made, even within a highly automated framework. And, Vertify seamlessly funneled the recruiters’ call and email data back into Bullhorn, laying the foundation for comprehensive reporting and analytics.

The bottom line

The impact of this integration was nothing short of transformational. By harmonizing Bullhorn’s recruiting management prowess with Salesloft’s engagement finesse, Soliant unlocked a new realm of efficiency. Recruiters now seamlessly transitioned from identifying promising candidates to engaging them in a personalized and timely manner.

This translated to impressive metrics – speed to lead, streamlined processes, and, ultimately, speed to revenue. The once complex dance between CRM and engagement became a well-choreographed masterpiece that resonated with both the recruiters and the candidates they engaged.

Ready to streamline your business integrations and gain a unified view of your customer journey without the hassle of coding? Vertify is your solution. Our platform empowers you to orchestrate, integrate, and activate all your revenue apps effortlessly. Say goodbye to integration complexities with our drag-and-drop interface, and welcome real-time, automated data flow across your systems. Learn more about Vertify and elevate your business’s efficiency today.

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