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Vertify Enables the Automation of Multiple CRMs

Channel Partners’ story is one of multifaceted ecosystems. With legacy applications, new business divisions, and a sprawling customer base, they encountered the intricate web that multi-CRM operations can weave. Balancing multiple Salesforce instances and a range of disparate business processes was no small feat, and as their operations expanded, so did the complexity.

The Challenge

The crux of Channel Partners’ challenge lay in fragmented data. Information was dispersed across silos, manual efforts were burdensome, and maintaining synchronization between CRMs became a Herculean task. It was apparent that a robust solution was needed to dissolve the complexities, foster harmonious operations, and create a unified data landscape.

Welcome Relief from Vertify

Enter Vertify, a game-changer for Channel Partners’ data integration needs. Their goal was ambitious: orchestrate data between their dual Salesforce instances and a single Marketo instance. But there was a catch – the native Marketo-Salesforce integration could not support multiple Salesforce CRMs, and other third party integration options did not have the functionality or expertise to effectively execute the data strategy required.

Vertify rose to the challenge, bridging this gap with a no-code, elastic solution built for the business user. Vertify became the invisible thread weaving through Channel Partners’ systems. With account, contact, and sales person data elegantly flowing to Marketo, and new Marketo leads finding their way back to the correct Salesforce instance, the data reconciliation struggle was replaced with a symphony of synchronization.

The Bottom Line

Through the connection, visualization, and guaranteed delivery of this valuable data, teams across divisions are now able to use their systems of record without being bogged down by the intricacies of manual data management. In turn, the trust built on accurate, complete information led to customer satisfaction and loyalty, which in turn translated into tangible revenue growth for Channel Partners Capital.

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Channel Partners

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