FreedomPay Eliminates Data Silos with iPaaS

Since 2000, FreedomPay has grown from a pioneer in payments technology to becoming the innovation partner of choice. Their core objective when working with Vertify was to establish a seamless, multi-directional data integration between their essential platforms: Marketo, NetSuite, and Salesloft. Their primary aim was to facilitate the movement of marketing and sales data between systems, utilizing NetSuite as their fundamental source of truth, and the end goal was to build comprehensive sales cadences within Salesloft while ensuring that all sales activities and critical information seamlessly flowed back into NetSuite and Marketo.

Integration is the answer to eliminate data silos

Through Vertify, FreedomPay embarked on a journey to overhaul its lead management strategy. Net new leads entered Marketo and seamlessly transitioned to Vertify, where a meticulous cleansing and transformation process unfolded. Subsequently, these refined records found their way to Netsuite and SalesLoft, marking the initiation of a seamless integration strategy. This all took place in near real time so that business users could stay focused on their individual tasks at hand in the systems that each of them needed to live in.

How it works

The SDR team found their home in SalesLoft, reaching out to qualified leads provided by the marketing team. Post a discovery call and identification of a valid opportunity, the relevant information seamlessly flowed back to Netsuite for the sales team to take decisive action. The strategic decision to have only the SDR team operate in SalesLoft ensured a focused and personalized outreach.

The SDR team executed carefully crafted cadences for a one-to-many approach, tailoring interactions based on product interests or industries within the target audience. Multiple touch points over weeks, including LinkedIn interactions, calls, and emails, formed the backbone of their approach.

Once leads were vetted by the SDR team and deemed ready for the sales team, tasks were created in NetSuite and assigned to the appropriate sales rep for follow up. This gave the new team insight into past SDR activities, ensuring a seamless transition and continuity of efforts.

The bottom line

The integration orchestrated by Vertify became the linchpin of FreedomPay’s lead management strategy. This seamless flow of data from Marketo to Netsuite and SalesLoft, coupled with the SDR team’s personalized outreach and strategic lead scoring by Marketing, created a dynamic system primed for successful lead conversions.

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FreedomPay was founded with a vision of making payments smarter. For the last 24 years they have been innovating to do just that. If you are looking to connect to the world’s largest independent payment gateway and go where their advanced functionality can take you, click here to learn more.