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Work Smarter, Not Harder: Optimize Your Martech Stack

Since work looks a little bit different these days, we at Vertify want to make sure that we are helping our customers connect platforms, connect data, and connect people in a way that makes them even more effective than ever before. In a recent brain boost webinar, we chatted with Amanda Hall, a data integration specialist. She’s an invaluable member of the integration team, thanks to her technical expertise with the Vertify product. We also heard from Analisa Toenjes, one of our customer success managers. Her job is to engage and build opportunities for our customers so they can showcase their successes within their own companies. We began the conversation with the concept of implementation, then talked about adoption, and finally finished up with understanding how to provide continued success for our customers. 

Typically, when our customers initially come to us, they’re looking to solve a specific problem, and they’re looking to us to provide a solution to that specific problem. Usually, the problem is a disconnect between marketing and sales teams. Our role is to help solve that problem and get their marketing automation system, like Marketo, and their CRM, like NetSuite, talking to each other. This is really important because it’s vital to the success of both marketing and sales teams especially when establishing marketing impact to revenue. 

Vertify’s solution not only helps the marketing team with feeding new leads to sales, feeding better quality leads to sales, and feeding leads to sales in a timely manner so that sales can follow up quickly, but it also helps sales to close deals faster, to have better insights into which leads are hot and which leads they should be paying attention to. It takes the guesswork out of the sales process. Ultimately, it closes the loop back to marketing and provides those same insights to marketing so they can better understand how successful their marketing campaigns were. This is really important to help marketers and sales teams align. It allows disparate data systems that don’t natively talk to each other to have data flow easily back and forth and eliminate those silos between the marketing and the sales teams. This is only phase one of the customer journey, however.

Next, the customer success team helps our customers see life beyond the initial implementation and point to point. Vertify is capable of so much. Our solution is very flexible and adaptable, and can grow and evolve with our customers to support even more of the marketing and sales process. The next level of this is seeing Vertify as a hub, as our solution is very capable of not only taking two systems and making sure that information goes back and forth, but what about the entire institution of your workplace? There are so many systems, and oftentimes, the answer is “let’s just get another system to solve our issues.” The old adage of “work smarter, not harder” really applies here. Let’s not throw a bunch more things in the mix. Instead, let’s make the anchor point platforms that you have, like Marketo or NetSuite, work smarter. At Vertify, we believe that we just need one source of truth. To do that, we’re able to create this hub to make sure that all of the information is not only clean and accurate, but that the data we’re reporting is where it needs to be. Data is king — that’s what everybody wants to know and make their decisions based off of. The data.

Ultimately, our goal is to help our customers evolve their marketing and sales processes, as well as evolve their Vertify integrations to go in tandem with that. Streamlining the martech stack can save both time and money in the long run. Communication is so vital in this whole process. Not just communication within your organization and between all of your systems, but also communication with the Vertify team. That’s how Vertify can become a valuable consultative resource and help build stronger communications across the board. For us, it’s about empowering the marketer to talk about their successes, own their revenue number, and really feel good after leaving a board meeting with executives. That’s really what, at the end of the day, we love doing here at Vertify.

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