The American College of Surgeons Needed Data Integration Help

The American College of Surgeons, dedicated to advancing surgical patient care and maintaining ethical practice standards, sought a solution to streamline their data integration process. Facing the challenge of manually uploading lists from Aptify, a comprehensive CRM system for capturing and tracking member and non-member information, into Marketo Engage, a robust marketing automation platform, they…

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TPH Uses Vertify

TPH Transformed their e-Commerce Operations with Vertify

TPH, a Canadian-owned family business in the commercial printing space, faced a significant challenge with data silos affecting their e-commerce processes. Seeking a solution, they turned to Vertify, and the results were transformative. TPH operated with Magento as their e-commerce platform, but they struggled with siloed data, hindering the seamless flow of information between various…

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A+ Federal uses Vertify

A+ Federal Credit Union Wins with Vertify

A+ FCU, an award-winning Texas credit union, prides themselves on providing financial services and education to every member and giving them the right guidance for their unique financial situation. However, they were facing the common challenge of dealing with data silos across multiple systems, including Jack Henry Symitar, Marketo Engage, and more. This was leading…

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Customer Story: A Staffing Company Unlocks Recruiting Potential With Bullhorn and Salesloft

NOTE:  *The company Vertify assisted will be referred to as “ABC Recruiting” (not their real name)* Meet ABC Recruiting, a renowned specialist recruitment consultancy, known for sourcing top-tier talent in sectors like Logistics, Supply Chain, and Transport. ABC Recruiting’s challenge was clear – establishing a bidirectional data synchronization between Bullhorn and Salesloft, two pivotal platforms…

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Customer Story: How One Financial Services Company Mastered the Multi-CRM Challenge

NOTE:  *The company Vertify assisted will be referred to as “ABC Financial” (not their real name)* Meet ABC Financial, a prominent player in the dynamic world of financial services. They specialize in equipment finance and working capital solutions, forging partnerships and driving growth. Today, we’re excited to share their journey as they navigated the complexities…

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Customer Story: A Healthcare Services Company Transforms With Seamless Data Sync

Click here to check out the full article written by Adam Statti at RevPartners. RevPartners is a group of veteran Revenue Operations experts who specialize in HubSpot CRM, including migrations, implementations, and RevOps as a Service. When it comes to integrations that can’t be done natively in HubSpot, Vertify is their system integrator of choice.…

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How a Leading Dermatology Practice Uses Vertify to Automate Business Management and Patient Marketing

An innovative dermatology group was first established with the mission of providing accessible and exceptional dermatological care across their state. The practice was initiated in 2010 by a visionary physician, who recognized the demand for prompt access to top-notch dermatology services. Witnessing the need for qualified providers without extensive waiting periods, the idea of a…

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Vertify Customer Case Study: Helmerich & Payne

How H&P is focused on hyper-segmentation and alignment for improved marketing programs through Vertify to better personalize and target H&P is the No. 1 Land Driller in Texas, Mid-continent, and Onshore Gulf Coast region. With over 7,000 employees they service over 192 rigs across this region. To say they are in demand would be an…

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